Fit & Easy Power Plate Fitness Studio and Gym, Southampton

Training on Power Plates – prepared to be amazed!

If you want a trim, toned body but if you’re pushed for time or maybe just bored with the gym, step onto the Power Plate at Fit & Easy. A dedicated Power Plate studio just five minutes from Southampton city centre, Fit & Easy is clean, bright and calm, offering you the chance to get-away from it all, even if it is for only half an hour.

Power Plate Acceleration Training is low impact exercise delivering a total body workout in just twenty minutes, that’s the equivalent of up to two hours in the gym! It’s easy to get-to-grips with and suitable for just about everyone, training at any level.

Physiotherapy at Fit & Easy – introducing the Hendrickson Method®

The Hendrickson MethodR is a gentle therapeutic technique that is used to treat postural alignment and soft tissue or musculoskeletal injuries. It combines orthopaedic massage, mobilisation and neuromuscular re-education to stimulate the creation of new cells, rehydrate cartilage and realign soft tissue, helping to break down adhesions.