The Benefits

Reduce Cellulite by increasing circulation and oxygenating blood flow leading to a reduction in toxins within the body.
Improve Skin Quality by improving circulation and increasing the production of collagen encouraging former, smoother skin.
Reduce Body Fat by enhancing the body’s metabolism, which causes more calories to be burned even during periods of inactivity.
Boost Muscle Power by activating rapid contractions in nearly 100% of all muscle fibres.
Increase Bone Density by influencing the reconstruction and quality of the bone.
Reduce Stress by decreasing Cortisol levels in the body while raising levels of Serotonin.
Enhance Flexibility by stimulating more effective blood circulation through the muscles.
Detoxify The Body by increasing circulation and encouraging lymphatic drainage.

If you want a strong stomach, firm bottom, sleek legs and toned arms then step onto the Power Plate® at Fit & Easy and get ready to be amazed!